In the first edition of The Lowdown we show you the hot tyre products for this month.
The sick Ford Escort that went to our Pukekohe store, teach you how to
check your tyre size, meet Brett the owner of M&T New Plymouth store, and
check out the Community Feed held by Manukau store for their locals.

The Renegade AT Pro is the brand new all-terrain range from Radar Tyres
that is engineered for drivers that need exceptional off- road performance
while giving a quiet, smooth on-road ride.

This range offers a combination of a special compound that offers
outstanding cut and chip resistance along with the all-new innovative
“M-sipe”, designed for maximum grip in wet conditions.

Take off on adventure with the NEXEN Roadian MTX. This versatile tyre
provides maximum load and towing capabilities, with off-road grunt and
on-road comfort.

The NEXEN Roadian MTX features a dual Beast or Machine sidewall design
that allows you to customise the look of your vehicle.
Nineteen sizes available for rim diameter 15″ to 22′.

Perfectly balancing off-road capability and dependable all-weather
performance, without compromise, to match the dynamic characteristics of
the modern crossover vehicle The A/T Trail’s durable 2-ply polyester
construction and rugged upper sidewall features protects it from
off-road terrain, while an optimized tread design helps to maintain the
efficiency and versatility of a modern CUV.

Backed by a 3-Peak Mud & Snow rating, this diverse option encourages
adventure-seeking crossover owners to discover true all-weather

Designed to conquer rough terrain without sacrificing the ride and
comfort. Combining a triple threat 3-ply sidewall for exceptional durability
with aggressive styling, an optimized tread design with a superior
all-weather compound makes the right solution for 4×4 owners on the road, in
the snow or in anv off-road environment.

Strong upper sidewall tread blocks assist with typically difficult mud, sand
and gravel environments while the construction provides long lasting
wear with reasonable ride and noise on-road. Find your journey in any

They say you should beware of the quiet ones. They’re right. The Razr MT
is so very quiet on the highway that you’d almost think it’s a highway tyre.
But It’s not. Pull off the road and ready yourself. The Razr was built
with 4×4 racing blood in its rubber from years of racing technology and
expertise. It’s super tough in the harsh stuff with edge-to-edge Armour
Ply, a 3- Ply sidewall & Debris-Shield wraparound tread blocks. Despite its’
rugged appearance the MT772 drives so well on-road and delivers
excellent tyre life… 80,000-100,000km is pretty common when your set-up it

Paying tribute to the early Japanese driff scene, the BGW DC Tanaka was
developed with performance and aesthetics in mind. The simple yet
striking 6 spoke concave profile offers maximum big brake clearance
with enhanced overall strength due to an advanced production technique
called Flow Forming. This results in a lighter wheel, improving
your vehicles performance.

Available in 18×8.5 and 18×9.5 in four awesome finishes – Matt Black, Hyper
Dark, Gloss White & now Dark Bronze finishes.

When your 6 lug Ute, Truck or SUV demands off-road performance with
tough curb-side appeal, the new Heist alloy wheel delivers!
Available in 17″x9″ ET +15 to cater for big tyre applications, Heist’s
Flow-Form construction pursues the balance between strength & lightness.
Made with integrated Bead Groove technology, this reduces tyre slipping
and loss of traction during extreme side loads even with lower air

3 Colours Available: Full Satin Black, Black Tint W/ Black Lip, Satin Bronze
W/ Black Lip – all with Faux Bead-lock Zinc Rivets.

M&T Pukekohe had the privilege of working on this sweet Escort cozzie
recently. It’s owner, Lewis, entrusted them to dial in a Wheel Alignment worthy of
its rally heritage

Celebrating its one year anniversary since opening is our new store in
New Plymouth. Situated near the bustling Waiwhakaiho retail precinct,
owner Brett Horsfall has a clear vision; to provide outstanding service
backed by the widest range of mag wheels, tyres & accessories in stock.
His motto is to ‘Change Taranaki, one car at a time!”

Brett is a combo king! Upsize your wheel & tyre purchase with new
suspension, ECU remaps, car care and a huge range of Soundstream
car audio! So if you live in the New Plymouth area head over to your
newest & biggest mag wheel & tyre super store!

In this video we show you how to find your tyre size and what
each of those numbers mean, to help you make an informed decision
when getting new tyres.

Our Manukau store hosted their Community Feed on the 15th
October. An event that was all about giving back to the good people of Manukau.