In this edition of The Lowdown we present you fresh 6 stud wheel options for this
month, we also show you wheel offset and what it means, and the how
to check your tyre pressure to ensure you get the most life out of your tyres,
this month we also feature Mad Mike’s Summer Bash a great turnout with all
the car guys and gals coming together again.

The latest 20″ 6 stud wheel from MTG oozes suburban street appeal with offroad
toughness. Bundle with your favourite A/T, R/T or M/T tyre and roll in style
this summer!

When deep concave matters, this wheel is a Force to be reckoned with!
Roll 20 inches strong on your Ute, SUV or 4×4 and personalise your look with
3 colours to choose from!

Part of the Dakar Proven Wheels range, the Onyx boasts stylish yet functional
debris ejection vents, evenly designed spokes and a unique baked
enamel finish. Form AND function at its’ best!

A great upgrade option for your new gen Ranger Raptor that allows you to
maintain the OEM tyre size and gain a subtle fitment pump without the

Styled for the newest Ute, SUV or 4×4, the Reactor design speaks to urban
thoroughfares. It captures the modern refinement of 6 stud wheels while
maintaining rim strength!

In this M&T Minute video we explain to you what offset is in regards to
Mag Wheels helping you identify your needs for a set or just gain that

Fresh as!!! This 2023 Ford Ranger pulled up to Mag Turbo Palmy to get
upgraded with new 18″ Sniper Ballistic Wheels paired with Falken
Wildpeak A/T tyres.

217 A Featherston St,
Palmerston North

An awesome turnout to Mad Mike’s Summer Bash event this year held in
Hampton Downs, gathering a diverse group of car guys and gals together yet again!

In the Hot Tip we give you tips on Tyre Pressure and the importance of it
in terms of getting longevity to your tyres.

If you are in the Deep South this summer holiday period, and need some
automotive assistance Arron and his awesome team in Dunedin will be
happy to help!