In this edition of The Lowdown we take a look at hot tyre products for the month of
April! We shine the spotlight on out West Auckland stores: New Lynn and Henderson.
In the M&T Minute we give you the Lowdown on Steelies vs Alloys and the
Hot Tip this month is the importance of getting tyre rotations to extend
the life of your tyres.

In this edition of the goods we check out the hot tyre products
for the month of April!

The Kenda KR20AX MAX is a new and improved version of the KR20A with new
sidewall and rubber compounds and sizing. It offers excellent wet and dry performance
with strong wear characteristics for a tire designed to excel in competition
environments. It is the quintessential maximum performance summer UH tire
for on-road and in competition. Having outstanding wear which allows it to
outperform competitors under similar driving conditions

The directional tread pattern has been a proven winner in drift competition from
Japan to the USA

Toyo’s latest generation Open Country A/T III employs the latest in rubber
compound and manufacturing technology, coupled with an aggressive tread redesign,
bringing you an all-terrain that’s All Show and All Go!
With a bold new look and a range of new fitments to better suit the New Zealand
off-road and adventure market, the Open Country A/T Ill has been specifically
engineered to deliver further improvements on the key performance characteristics that
its predecessor was best known for, including exceptional long life, low road noise and
outstanding off-road reliability.

From backcountry trails to the open road, the all-new Wildpeak A/T4W is
built to help you tackle any terrain. Featuring staggered shoulder blocks,
and proprietary 3- ply DURASPEC Sidewall Technology on select
sizes, the A/T4W provides all-terrain confidence and rugged durability. Updated
Heat Diffuser technology, tread rigidity, and the addition of Heavy Duty (HD)
sizes ensure the A/T4W delivers improved towing capability compared
to its predecessor. The severe-snow-rated A/T4W was engineered to
perform in harsh winter conditions, with full-depth sipes providing traction for the
life of the tire.
Command any road and every adventure with the Wildpeak A/T4W.

Thev sav vou should beware of the quiet ones. They’re right. The Razr MT is so very
quiet on the highway that you’d almost think it’s a highway tyre. It’s not.
Pull off the road and ready yourself. The Razr was built with 4×4 racing
blood in its rubber. It was built from years of racing technology and expertise.
This is a tyre that will take you beyond your limits. Then keep going.
Edge-to-edge Armour Ply and a 3-Ply sidewall with Debri-Shield wrap-around tread
blocks. Dual-stepped tread blocks and multiple siped edges, and siped tread blocks
also mean extra water drainage on a wet road, and a nylon cap ply means a stable ride
at high speeds.

A premium all-season tyre at an affordable price, the NEXEN Roadian GTX is the new
multi-purpose tyre for today’s drivers who want comfort, longevity and versatility.
The structural makeup enhances low noise and offers optimum comfort. The all-season
tread supports longer tread-life. An excellent wet & dry performance tyre with
low rolling resistance which boosts fuel efficiency.
Designed with all-season traction means it performs well on all types of road surfaces
– perfect for our New Zealand roads.

Tourador’s flagship car tyre, the X Speed TU1 features multi-tread radiuses for uniform
footprint contact pressure, combined with outside tread block design for tyre cornering
response time and improved high-speed handling stability. At the same time, the tread
features what the company calls “optimized lateral groove and kerf design” for
hydroplaning performance and support the shortening of wet braking distances.

To say New Lynn store owner, Antony, and his right hand man Campbell,
are Euro Performance car enthusiasts; is an understatement!
With not one but TWO Mercedes supercars in the fleet. West Auckland’s
Euro car community can be sure their ride are in good hands!

09 827 8686
11 Veronica Street, New Lynn, Auckland 0600

When you’ve cut your teeth on modified JDM cars it’s hard to
shake the vibe. Henderson store owner, Fletcher, fully
embraces it having owned and modified many cool J-Spec
rides, Fletch and his team convey their enthusiasm &
experience providing west Auckland customers the best
products & service for all things JDM.

09 218 7962
212 Swanson Road, Henderson, Auckland 0614

Steelies and Alloys are two terms you will need to know when
taking interest in wheels we show you the difference between the two!

We show you the importance of getting regular tyre rotations for
getting that longevity of your tyres!

The Blenheim Annual Hospice Car Show held at the local racecourse
took place Sunday March 17th. A great fundraiser event for their local Hospice
and Mag & Turbo Blenheim are proud to support it. A different theme every year
under one marquee, this year was Minis with approx 50 of them on display!
The show garnered more than 500 cars and 3000 spectators.
An awesome turnout for a good cause!