In this edition of The Lowdown we point the spotlight to our Mag & Turbo
Garage Springs and some of the rides we’ve done with them.
We teach you about wheel spacers, what they are and why you may need them,
as well as the importance of wheel alignments to get the most life out of your tyres.
Then travelling to our Hastings store that now has a fresh new location
on the main street and show you the friendly team!

The Goods features our Mag & Turbo Garage Lowering Springs.
Check out these lowered rides from our stores.

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In this M&T minute we got you covered about Wheel Spacers.
What they are and why you may want to get them.
Watch the video to find out more!

Owners Marcus & Angela and their awesome team are stoked to
welcome you to their new super site in the heart of Hastings! It’s bigger,
brighter and with plenty of parking, it’s more accessible and convenient
for when you need tyres & mag wheels.

Team Hastings had outgrown their previous location and plan to grow
further so they needed the wiggle room. When this iconic automotive
corner site became available (formerly Enzed Hoses and Auto One
before that) team Mag & Turbo jumped on the opportunity to carry on the
legacy of this spot!

Marcus & Angela explains that even though the location has changed,
what won’t change is their ambition to provide the BEST SERVICE in the
Hawkes Bay and help the locals personalise their vehicle with care and
safety with the right products!

We drop the deets on Wheel Alignments and why it’s an essential step to
getting your tyre’s life further.
Watch the video!